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What Are The Most Popular German Shepherd Mixes |

” was sure enough a cracking good example of a handsome, nimble GSD, thither are hatful of other teutonic Shepherds out there with a look which may move you. thither are many dogs which are a mix between a high german Shepherd and added breed. – a combination of a GSD and a Pug – is extremely intelligent.

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Central Asian Shepherd - Dog Breed Health, History, Appearance, Temperament, and Maintenance

This fascinating old dog, originating as far back as 3000 B. Their blood developed in response to climate and opposite sensual circumstances. patch they are thought to have developed from the asian country Mastiff, one can’t be certain, as they originated so long ago, with no human-directed breeding. They are, in fact, idea to be the oldest breed still extant today.

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Central Asian Ovtcharka Dog Breed Information and Pictures

The Central Asian Ovtcharka(CAS) is a very large, muscular, Mastiff-type dog. moorage of the tail and ears is optional, depending on the country in which you live. The slow coat comes in two varieties, agelong and short. The CAS should be rugged in case with big bones, a bouffant thorax and citywide back. whatsoever countries like France, Netherlands, Australia, etc., and many another more than ban cropping and docking. The well-boned forelimbs have powerful shoulder muscles. The cardinal dweller Ovtcharka is a calm, fearless batch guardian.

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