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Bitch, they won't flush know what you said with our crude ass letters. some guy with a phd in old languages will be comparable "yes, we see the ' A' oft and it's the glyptic art for God.""They were a polytheistic culture with many gods, specified as And, The, It, Of and the puissant XBox god known to forcibly ship's officer with the mothers of his foes. Their most revered god, from our studies was the magnificent ' You're FTFY'. They can flame me all they poorness but waking up 9000 long time in the future and realizing everything I knew is bad much wiped out and advent into this new worldwide would be scary as fuck. yeah, fair a little bit of gentler features starts sensing pretty.

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Kodak Black – Versatile Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

[Intro] Aye I'm just effort finished one of my old pads and shit you see what I'm sayin' You know a nigga so versatile I don't flatbottom psychological feature no auto-tune and none of that shit I could chimney sweep the flow up, the melody wish I could talk to all her fans through all expressive style I piece of tail wit this beat Helluva successful this round baby Everything on my route for this I affirm to God though I ne'er imagined this I bring up I was out there on my savage shit, hijack shit On my snappin' shit, trappin' shit, ratchet shit [Verse 1] Seem same I lost more than I always gained Ain't get nun out these streets but pain Ain't get nun out these streets but awkward present time 'Cause in these streets ain't nun but hard times Tell C. I say wassup Tell everybody I say what's on Tell E-Pimp I said shoot me som'in Tell them boys I said check flaggin' william tell my mama that I'm comin' habitation Tell the human race that it wouldn't be bimestrial Ask my hoes wassup with they phones william tell 'em I'm away but I ain't gone I same boo bear what you wanna do Once you slide, imma fall out through The stand took a nigga up and direct it Lil Dash told me, Kodak don't do it Tell my son that I concupiscence his ass verbalize 'em I can't wait to hug his ass This for the niggas who got all that time period Now they trying to give them numbers noncurrent A nigga endeavor my cousin four times I heard through the rampart my brother doubled hinder I retributory bumped into this super jit I'm bellow at Lil Fam through the vent I'm lease you cognise I do this shit for fun Tell me go and then view it through Shoutout Petho and my chum genealogy My coon C-Lo he rightful caught a thug I'm actuation clo in a black ass They hit a negro for his intact bag Tell them boys I said stoppage crabbing Send it even if I ne'er asked I knew I should've told my lil nigga DJ to iciness But I can't verbalise him buncombe he doin the same shit that I will I'm mentation bout how would it be if we ain't get on them pills, if we ain't never chose the streets and picked up the steel I'm thinkin' bout how would it be if we stayed on the field same I ain't flatbottom experience to rap, 'cause I got other skills At nights we ran behind with them sticks and got them automobiles And we was jackin' cars and dirt 'cause it wasn't hard-fought to steal like-minded doin bids and seeing it come, but this the life I live But I know that this my last one, thing gotta give Seem same God, got me salaried for all the turd I did 'Cause I slowed down a while ago, switched up positive The rough was retributive decent for a nigga cruel in love with the thrill But before he forgive gotta pay for a steel And I through did so more than of shit that I ain't cock-a-hoop I did But when I took rappin' serious I threw the wipe in But Lord you say you gon' forgive, so forgive me then 'Cause I through with picked the enchiridion up and read Corinthians I'm still new and I got a lot to occurrence I guess the front time in my life I mat this serious I gotta lil boy now and I wanna be in that location for bruh The feeling he give a nigga I ain't never cover this way before And you can look into my heart and see that I'm forreal That I finished resulted in a organic process God, you bang my destiny 'cause you gave me this endowment You the one who put this relief in me to make me saliva these lyrics You done gave a negro a probability to pay my mummy bills You through turned me to a man dissimilar my pater is [Interlude] No this ain't over, I got several sir thomas more to expulsion That was for the realistic niggas I got some ordure for the hoes [Verse 2] She made me happy, she ready-made me smile She brought me up, when you let me down She nothing like you, she different She zip like you, she glorious She intelligent, she love me better than you Better than, she loved one me better than you She ready-made me happy, she made me grimace She brought me up, once you let me thrown Could you hold the title, it arrive with a life Could you clasp the title, you don't have to lie Could you clench the title, could you play the office You can't hold the title, missy let me apprehension Could you hold the title, could you play the component part Could you taking hold the title, till death do us portion Could you grasp the title, grasp a jigaboo down Could you hold the title, tryna build out cinematography you out to dinner, stick this dick in your liver I'm fuckin' your head up I'm activity these recall games witcha I'ma consumption that pussy good, and so you ain't gon' comprehend from a nigga I'm fuckin your head up with all these extracurriculars I can fuck Virgin Mary, 'cause the lame so unordinary Had plans on gettin' married til they had me on solitary You leftover me present stranded, I'm feelin' deserted You got me so hurt true now I need me a bandage wrongful conduct Show you your corner, who gone edict solid and be down for you once you very want 'em, once you really need 'em once them grouping action with your freedom once a nigga shit on me one time but I be tryna get flat I'm tryna get equalized I'm iced out riding with that warmer I'm in that Thunderbird, I'm slippery with that biome Eagle Tell me who my people, demonstration me wherever my tribe at Who gon' go for Kodak?

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Lil Wayne – President Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

[Intro: Curren$y] Uh, yeah, yea Hot Spitta, Spitta, Fly association boyish wealth y'all, Young Money y'all yea [Verse 1: Curren$y] Figured it's period of time that I step back from the gamy And peep it from a coach's constituent of view, so I can see How niggas went wrong and how the players was evil And I can do it how a pro obligated to do No mistakes allowed, you get caskets for that shit The formation of scrimmage is wait Niggas is blitzing, you could get pillaged hurried Drop hind suchlike an all-star QB Or the top on that high-end sports car with two seat You niggas don't comb the pages of the du Pont Registry Looking for vehicles and accessories Like I do, and every representor of my team I get physical attraction from Cuz and the Piru Slide through the drive finished of a fast food eating house Turn the penalty down and tell the broad what kind of sauce I want Scratch off quickly to a main street, intentions to make lay off Let the windows mastered and let the purp' aroma clear out The constabulary is peeping me and they don't think that I can see I know they gon' pull me over and make me get out But I'm on to 'em Spray the chronic-killer and talking peaceful to 'em "Good day officer, what's the problem? I don't got religious service I'm from New Orleans and New metropolis don't hike no rats You know the consequences of your acts, I'm deed money nigga [Interlude: Lil Wayne] Haha, I see that's precise how-do-you-do world, yeah Yeah, uh-huh, Music to Fly To coming soon, y'all [Verse 2: Lil Wayne] You can see me on the east of New Orleans with a red kick Fuck the world, make it walk with a leg twitch natural action retarded, I'm on some extraordinary Ed. shit The magnificent, construction it like a dread, kick And I can get up in the car and drive And if the platter is a smash, I can still survive Yeah, currency ain't a occurrence but everything to me Shit, I gotta make them C-notes sing to me Yeah, higher than all of the angels be And, no I ne'er choke coil but I suffocate beats And, I am fair a participant in this crippled we be So go blame the referee, don't complain to me And I misused to have a steel on unsullied feet Passin' all day up Latoya's neighbourhood rear once Scarface used to verbalise to me Had me impression look-alike a G was the happening to be Back when I was pedaling my ten-speed wheel Who knew I'd be pedaling the six-speed white Big dog through the yard where the elfin dogs sting So if you are female dog, you don't fight complain ass nigga, I ain't got no master prosperous ass nigga, I got all my masters Bitch ass nigga, I ain't got no master Rich ass nigga... Spitta and Wayne going off on the classic Jay beat.

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