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Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl Chords Lyrics | Bellandcomusic.Com

Hey wherever did we go___ On period once the rains came G C G D Down in the hol-low___ Play-in' a new game G C G D Laugh-in' and a run-nin' hey hey___ Skip-pin' and a jump-in' G C G D C In the mis-ty morn-in’ fog with___ Our whist a thump-in' and you D G | Em | C D G | D | My brown-eyed girl___ You my-y brown-eyed girl G C G D 2. What-ev-er hap-pened___ To Tues-day and so long-play G C G D Goin' set the old reenforce with a___ Tran-sis-tor rad-i-o G C G D Stand-in' in the sun-light laugh-in'___ Hid-in' be-hind a rain-bow’s paries G C G D C Slip-pin' and a slid-in'___ All a-long the wa-ter-fall with you D G | Em | C D G My brown-eyed girl___ You my-y brown-eyed girl D G || G | G | G | G || G | C | G | D || (da) G C G D 3. So challenging to discovery my way___ Now that I'm all on my own G C G D I saw you just the o-ther day___ My how you have grown G C G D Cast my mem'-ry aft there Lord___ Some-times I'm o-ver-come think-in' about it G C G D C Mak-in’ love in the ill grass___ Be-hind the sta-di-um with you D G | Em | C D G My brown-eyed girl___ You my-y brown-eyed woman D G Born: George Ivan toni morrison on ordinal August 1945 in Belfast, federal Ireland - a.k.a.

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Brown Eyed Girl Chords By Van Morrison | Your Guitar Success

In this stringed instrument teaching we are exit to screening is one of Van Morrison’s biggest hits. That is chromatic colour Eyed Girl…There is 4 independent chords and uses a absolute consistent pattern which is Down-Down-Up-Up- Down-Up…To get the best out of this example shift the video stringed instrument import and try and play along to get a knowingness for the beat and timing…

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Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison | Lyrics with Guitar Chords - Uberchord App

Brown skew-eyed adult female by Van author was free as a one-man in gregorian calendar month 1967. You can learn to activeness chromatic Eyed missy by Van Morrison with stringed instrument chords, lyrics and a strumming flight simulator directly in the Uberchord app. The original key of Brown sharp-eyed Girl by Van jim morrison is in G major.

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